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Why on EARTH would I want to build a DOME?

A well-built dome is a safe, energy efficient and inexpensive home to build and maintain.


Building an environmentally friendly dome is your next step. 50% energy savings on average vs regular homes. Leaving money that would have been paid to the utilities for the back end of a mortgage perhaps.

Energy bills are unbelievable. $1805.00 on a 4045 sq ft double dome for ONE YEAR!

Peace of mind in STORMS:

Residential domes are rated for 250 mph winds.


Whether we build it FOR you....

 Or help you build it with your own people....

Simply the SAFEST home in any weather


ER 3419 issued March 6 2016 after a 5 year review, is our official documentation that our claims, engineering, and decades of dedication to building safer domes has been officially certified in the building codes. This is your assurance that our domes have been scrutinized for structural integrity, engineering, and quality by the most exacting peer review process  in the construction industry. The International Code Council are the people who make the building code laws.

You might be tempted to say...BIG DEAL! What does it mean to an average person considering a dome? There's so many copycats out there who say their domes are "just as good".

NO other dome company has these ICC credentials!

Our residential 40′ diameter domes are duty rated for 250 mph winds! Why depend on public shelters during our increasingly violent weather when you are safe  in your  NEW AGE dome?  

As most people say who tour our domes This just makes sense!

History is made in Tuscaloosa Alabama on July 21,2016 with the issuance of building permits to New Age Domes for the worlds first FEMA 361 G tornado shelter made of WOOD  and STEEL.  This building has been under construction, in addition to our regular duties for the last 2 years and built with private money...mine. I needed a new shop and this lot was just sitting there...

It will hold approximately 800 of my neighbors several of whom already have a key for emergencies. When final touches are complete, we plan on turning it over to Tuscaloosa EMA for a tornado shelter. See more on Facebook @  New Age Domes

Financial news….Be prepared to fight for your desire to live in these strong , energy efficient homes

  Most bankers have a difficult time lending on a dome for a variety of reasons.

"Lack of "comps" is  the most often quoted reason. Yet there is a formula for figuring sq feet in a dome, accurately  just like any other building, box, or rectangle. It allows for a fair appraisal when calculated properly.

WITH THAT SAID....There is a difference in a professionally built dome and what has been built from other "kits"!

More national banks are now accepting New Age domes for financing. These include Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Texas Gulf federal credit union, Compass Bbva, and USAA,. Bank officials  have inspected our domes through the entire process of construction and offer our clients financing options that were not available before  ESR3419. There IS no comparison to other domes. If your local banker seems reluctant…. there are other bankers.

Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac guidelines  deal with domes like any other issues, including lack of comps,very specifically. You adjust the percentage of participation in the down payment. Some bankers will do their homework. Mortgage brokers can often find ways and credit unions have less restrictive means of loaning to their clients.

Our  ICC report stood domes alongside regular box homes on a level playing field of engineers fro all over the world weighing in. Our numbers were better than boxes in every test including a crush test. 6-10 times stronger than boxes is the official finding at the U of A large structures testing lab.

So hopefully enjoy the site, maybe learn a few things about domes, and know you can really benefit from this type construction over boxes.

As you go through our site you’ll see unedited reference letters from clients, lots of photos, and plenty of sights to make you wonder, what if ?, and that’s kinda the idea!  NEW AGE domes aren’t “hippy houses”, nor do they look like a 6th grade science project.  They are a modern crossover between traditional housing and a more efficient shape to build. With storm shelter capabilities and unheard of energy efficiency built in.

This website is without Bucky quotes, special effects, or meaningless charts. Nor do we employ publicists or media specialists to extol our virtues. Our clients do that on their own…

But facts ARE facts….So if our approach seems little too “wordy”….well, we’re old to the dome world and new to the computer world. We’ll work on it.

As seen on ABC 33/40https://www.facebook.com/abc3340, Tuscaloosa News, Wvua, CNN, and a few we haven’t seen….

Building the BEST domes since 1971

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