Baseball Dome

We offer full range of services for your dome project...from pure consulting to on-sight supervision to a turn-key project.


If it's about domes of any size...we got this.

To the masses, Any sufficiently advanced technology is the equivalent of magic!

Arthur C. Clark first coined this phrase with an eye to those who consider “box” housing as having evolved to its fullest. Today’s world  requires a more innovative way of thinking about structures.


There are really only three reasons I can think of to consider building a dome vs a regular “box” home……

Less expensive to construct….less exposure to elements and more efficient use of interior space with fewer actual boards being used.

Less expensive to live in and maintain… bills are usually half that of even the most energy efficient boxes

Many times more resistant to storms and storm driven debris…..such as falling trees or 250 mph winds (esr3419).

Radial framing shares the load that just shears “box” designs into pieces. Ever notice how strong spider webs are?


The red cedar siding looked terrific on this one!


Where and how  can you bring a 2000 sq ft home to the site in a 26′ U Haul. With a NEW AGE dome you can do just that!

We’ve seen and fixed some bad ones in our time. This is what happens when you spray a coating on shingles. U-G-L-Y!

much better now…


With our decades of service to the industry we have developed a network of specialists in dome repairs and construction.  People who do things  our way. Experience is the difference between getting a job done efficiently or floundering about until you discover a “trick”.

Domes require a level of “open mindedness” that traditional construction doesn’t require. This is why most traditional construction people require a little hands on when building a dome.

Dome Ceiling

New Age Domes has been decades in serving  an industry that got a bum rap during the whole “owner builder” epidemic. During the process we created a whole NEW AGE of stronger, safer, and affordable homes.

Call us…the only dumb question is one you have and don’t ask.