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NEW AGE CONSTRUCTION has long been recognized as the most experienced dome builder in North America, and perhaps a bit farther.

It is primarily because we have been steadfast in our belief that a cupola is essential to the longevity and optimum performance of wooden geodesic domes. That combined with a knowledge of how these structures are supposed to perform over time and quite a few engineers weighing in, including the best in the land in spherical dynamics, Paul Durand, have determined that our approach was correct. The ICC (International Code Congress) agrees.

We have determined the cause of, and corrected the issues that have long plagued dome owners, whether they built them themselves or just weren’t told by their kit maker that this was an issue. Truthfully, many of those who jumped to produce dome kits in previous decades just didn’t know it.

We are full time geodesic dome builders, and consultants of over 40 years,….not part time dealers or distributors. We build our own custom kits and repair all of the “other guys” slip-ups. We have extensive experience building most kit styles and profiles, offering custom designs and finishes not found in standard kit packages. We will help you spot the gimmicks so prevalent in today’s’ dome industry.We’ll help you build your dream dome in the most cost efficient manner possible.


For a long time banks and lenders gave up on domes as being “leaky” or having rot tendencies.We have, one-dome-at-a-time, perfected the wooden geodesic dome. Put simply..our cupola designs solve the rot problem caused by “overpressure” or hot roof. Bad roofers don’t count.

Several major national lenders now have accepted N.A.C. built domes for financing effective immediately. Call for details. Recent commitments from investment groups along the east coast destroyed by hurricane Sandy have allocated 1 billion dollars in bridge loan money for our dome projects in the affected area! New domes going up in Jersey and Ct!

We can build to any stage of completion and offer consultation services on any dome project worldwide. We work with local builders insuring continuity during completion beyond the initial dome raising.


We also offer maintenance, roofing services, or any major renovation of existing dome homes, as well as retrofit existing domes for cupolas. A must if you are re-roofing and don’t have one. Built properly, it relieves “overpressure”, which leads to decking rot and leaks which will work its way into the frame. Many times this issue is overlooked as being leaky skylights, which is one of the first areas to show the symptoms.

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