Consulting & Training

At one time or another over the last 45 years we've built , or repaired the "other guys" kits. So whether you are building your own and need some professional guidance, or you have a good crew who needs a little help on the tricky spots, we can handle that. We oversee the project from planning to finish and offer the best solutions for troublesome situations if they arise.

My buddy Jim Hudson. The NEXT moment was the best photo...he didn't figure I was gonna plant one on his ear.Great guy. Great craftsman, and I'm proud to have worked with him.

we now have a new facility for production that doubles as a FEMA shelter. We will be working from now on safe from our frequent tornadoes

Call us at 205 758 1996 with ANY questions on our or any other dome products!

The only stupid question is one you may have and not ask!