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Why on EARTH would I want to build a DOME?

You are considering a dome for a number of possible reasons, but how do you sort the myth from the truth about domes?45 years of building them has taught us a few things that might help you decide.

A well-built dome is a safe, energy efficient and inexpensive home to build and maintain.


Building an environmentally friendly geodesic dome is your next step. 50% energy savings on average vs regular homes. Leaving money that would have been paid to the utilities for the back end of a mortgage.

Energy bills are unbelievable. $1805.00 on a 4045 sq ft double dome for ONE YEAR!

Peace of mind in STORMS:

 OUR residential domes are rated for 250 mph winds.


One  of our domes survived the Weather channels 3rd worst tornado outbreak. April 2011 direct hit by an F5. More on the site...



Why do people who are affected by today's increasingly violent weather think a safe room is the answer? Why not have your life and your belongings intact in a New AGE dome?


Hurricanes?? Our domes shrug those off!   These domes after hurricane Alicia, a Texas F4, and Katrina

They only look like a million bucks!

How can we help?

Whether we build it FOR you....

 Or help you build it with your own people....

Simply the SAFEST home in any weather


ER 3419 issued March 6 2016 after a 5 year review, is our official documentation that our  decades of dedication to building domes has been officially recognized in the building codes.  Your assurance that our geodesic domes have been scrutinized for structural integrity, engineering, and quality by the most exacting peer review process  in the construction industry. NO other dome company has these ICC credentials!

So when you find another dome company that claims THEY meet ICC codes or they are "just as good" as ours, ask them for their report number. If they don't have one, they are...I'm trying to find the  professional word for.... liars.

In asking for your business we want our clients to know, we've been accredited 4 ways.

2 math theories, a RISA computer model, and a crush test at The University of Alabama large structures testing lab.

Only THEN did we receive ESR 3419.

But if you are in a community that is needing a shelter because otherwise domes aren't around

please read on...

Your community may qualify for a NO COST  public facility that also serves  as a FEMA rated tornado shelter.

USDA representatives have recently inspected our new facilities and confirmed that New Age Domes qualify under current programs for grants for multi use buildings such as fire stations, community centers etc. This multi use capability offers more money than current FEMA grants for tornado shelters in these same communities. Many grant writers are familiar with current rules but this  is a whole new opportunity for your small town to have a multi use building that's more than just a place to hide!

These programs are in place at this time, and cooperative programs may apply multiple grants to the same facility.

History is made in Tuscaloosa Alabama on July 21,2016 with the issuance of building permits to New Age Domes for the worlds first FEMA 361 G tornado shelter. 2 long years later...We are complete!

It will hold approximately 700 of my neighbors, several whom have keys, and have already used it for emergencies.                       We offered it's use with a first responder on site to the Tuscaloosa EMA for a public tornado shelter.

See more on the site and be sure to visit Facebook @  New Age Domes

Financial news. It's both Good...and Getting Better!

 Those bankers who have heard the horror stories about owner built, no cupola domes, often have a difficult time lending on a geodesic dome for a variety of reasons.

"Lack of "comps" is  the most often quoted reason. Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac guidelines addresses this very specifically. You adjust the percentage of participation in the down payment. Freddie Mac actually gives domes a better rating because of the energy efficiency. The other most often quoted reason, offered by appraisers is calculating the useful square footage in a dome. It's a simple formula. Call us!

We are approved for VA ,USDA, FHA, and HUD  long term financing

More banks are now accepting New Age domes for financing now that OUR product is documented.

Just a few include  USAA, Loan Depot, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Texas Gulf federal credit union, Compass Bbva, and adding more every month. Home Promise has joined the ranks of dome specific lenders.


Lovely view from the dock on Lake Oconee

These folks had to add a second parking lot within 2 weeks of opening their doors.

As you go through our site you’ll see unedited reference letters from clients, lots of photos, and plenty of sights to make you wonder why people only build , (and rebuild after major storms) boxes... and that’s kind of the idea! Most people who tour our domes say the same things,"this just makes sense".

NEW AGE domes aren’t “hippy houses”, nor do they look like a 6th grade science project.

As seen on ABC 33/40https://www.facebook.com/abc3340,WVTM Birmingham, Tuscaloosa News, Wvua, CNN, Bob Van Dillon of HLN, Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel has even weighed in,and a few we haven’t seen….

Building domes since 1971

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