Repairs & Renovations

Domes are the simplest structures to remodel because of their very self-supporting nature. You can move interior partitions around almost at will!

And yes...I like BIG ASS FANS. Company name BTW.

Nice view from the the third floor. We've even built them with expanded metal grate for a floor increasing air flow and what a view...through your floor

This large dome HAD a cupola but they sealed the vents We replaced the entire roof decking and started over...WITH vents.

Extra room added to the upstairs and a nice observation area from this hilltop! cupola side walls about to go up.



This is what we often find in domes built with no cupola. The SAD part about this is another roofer sent by Lowes, roofed OVER this damage and the poor lady with a disabled husband had us out to do it AGAIN a year later.Pretty sure she got her money back.

This is normal

THIS is horrible! So easily avoided with a cupola.

This poor dome was sagging noticeably when we first received photos .I immediately had them shore it up till we arrived.It was sagging in some places 6" or more! The section around the skylight had been sagging worse so the previous roofer attempted to bring it up by adding layers of non nailed shingles. Which filled with water. The section around that skylight weighed probably 200 lbs and almost broke my arm when it fell after I just touched the frame of the skylight with a crowbar.

So here we are doing our thing and adding the cupola

And at completion..... I don't like square skylights but owners had just purchased them and wanted them to stay. Once they realized the passive ventilation of the cupola they realized they didn't need them. Miss Sue was the perfect hostess.