Consulting & Training

At one time or another over the last 45 years we've built , or repaired the "other guys" kits. So whether you are building your own and need some professional guidance, or you have a good crew who needs a little help on the tricky spots, we can handle that. We oversee the project from planning to finish and offer the best solutions for troublesome situations if they arise.

Suspended the floor in the far left dome that was going to be a "hobby " room. Once we finished it, it was the den.

This client had been screwed by 3 others prior to our arrival. He was a wreck! And I can't blame him. Super folks. We fixed 97 leaks and had a monsoon the day after we left. Zero defects.


Pad for a scuba school. Deep freshwater quarry had absolutely clear water, and owner gave us permission to fish it. Problem is the water was so clear they laughed at our lures. Till we found the dogs. Ever catch a 7 lb bass on a hot dog?

Early on this massive 10,667 sq ft triple. Worked with several crews, had LOTS of insight and advice to offer on  each phase. Swim spa in middle dome.

2 yr project but she's in. 7 bedroom 5 1/2 baths with room for a Boy Scout troop to stay. Lot's of great subs including Larry Sullivan who was a wiz with...everything

The tops of the pilings here are tips of 80' Class II driven to rejection in the Mississippi mud. The tops are incorporated into the riser walls which makes them like moving the attack point of a lever farther back. Wind cheating method of construction to be sure.

My buddy Jim Hudson. The NEXT moment was the best photo...he didn't figure I was gonna plant one on his ear.Great guy. Great craftsman, and I'm proud to have worked with him. BTW..those are Pepsi's. No drinking on the job. After work however we DID bend an elbow or two. Miss you Jim!

Custom fabricated and galvanized brackets at all corners. 1/4" steel! Great piling job by a previously used contractor in Louisiana. 42 of them sunk to rejection and THEN a slab poured at soil level to bind them. Can't see the rebar that wraps them at the base before the pour but folks, this thing is STOUT!


Chris and (hiding his face) Cody. Two great carpenters and absolutely wide open to this new building style.

Love my cupola. Originally planned to use it for a deer stand we are so deep in the woods, but never used it as such. Quit hunting them and now they'll walk right up to the house. Nice place to have a cup of coffee, and it was from up here I viewed the F5 tornado that hit us in 2011. It was an evil looking thing even from 5 miles away.


That's me standing by the gatling gun. This SO depicts today's treatment of forward thinking us. But we're not asking you to believe just US. We have proven our products in submission to the ICC in 2 math theories, a RISA computer model, and a live load test at the U of A. All agreed with each other. No other system being built as shelters these days has even HAD an ICC test, just architects who put their liability policy up as guarantee of the product being built.

I've always liked, " Big Ass Fans" and this was the perfect place to use one. That thing turns s-l-o-w but moves a TON of air.

We now have a new facility for production that doubles as a FEMA shelter. 2 -40' domes with a fabrication/assembly room in the center.We will be working from now on safe from our frequent tornadoes, and the neighbors have a place to go. Area surrounding us is nothing but metal buildings in an industrial park setting.

A few pieces of trim and fascia yet but the crew is running the road these days, so finishing it mostly myself. Room for processed materials and finished goods storage. Our old facility meant putting them outside in stacks and covering them with tarps. Lucky to have found this spot. Thx Martin!

Call us at 205 758 1996 with ANY questions on our or any other dome products!

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