Custom Dome Design/Kits


Custom Floor Plans

Let us help you design your dream dome!


A dome offers unique opportunities to design and redesign without changing the basic structure.  A dome offers flexibility for last minute fine tuning a floor plan not found in “box” homes.


Tiny Homes anyone? Or should we say Tiny Domes?

This design is very affordable and easily large enough for a 2 person apartment with sleeping loft upstairs. Easy to heat and cool with small unit. Add another for your small vehicle.



Crimson Tide office anyone?
Southwest flavor on this Texas dome by a great couple.

An office or businesses as a dome offers many benefits, especially if you’re inventory or belongings MUST be protected. Such is the case on this office. A computer business that cannot afford to be wiped out by another tornado. Built on the site where a tornado destroyed a box home.


So your business or your home will at least BE there after a tornado being a given…what about the curb appeal of a dome?

In every commercial application  we’ve ever built, the dome itself created immense interest. A restaurant quadrupled his business. This tattoo parlor had to double their parking pace in a month. We had to post a sign on the project above to keep people from wandering in at all times. People recognize the inherent strength of the structure and are drawn to its shape. My clients have found having a sign posted saying its a storm shelter as a community service is one that customers won't forget.



Giant Gym Sized domes!

Our shelter design is adaptable for churches, gymnasiums, and public venue sized domes.

Our 6 frequency domes are historic in their strength and affordability. Imagine a storm shelter that doubles as a community center…not just a place to hide. With our “rampart wall” design and debris protected window and door openings we make a storm shelter an everyday use facility. No scurrying for cover when weather threatens. You’re already in a shelter in a NEW AGE dome.

These WILL replace the increasingly more expensive concrete bunkers that are the knee jerk reaction to our increasingly bad weather> And built at a cost that saves the taxpayers at a rate of 2 for 1. That’s right…2 of our shelters for the price of one concrete one.


Domes are landmarks in many cities.

Tacoma dome going up 6.4 acres under WOOD

And finished...

Domes have proven their durability in our nations air defense role for decades.Our DEW line was dotted with dozens of durable domes,most of which are no longer used but still standing.

I swear it's like they pulled my idea for Bryant Denny out of my head for this one. But what the's like another home field for the Crimson Tide!

Doesn't this man have excellent taste in straw hats?